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Apr 24, 2020

In this OODAcast we dive deep into topics of Quantum Computing, Quantum Security and best practices for ensuring your data remains safe even after quantum computers can break current asymmetric encryption methods. Our guest, Dr. Jane Melia of QuintessenceLabs, is a practitioner who has spent years helping create and bring to market advanced enterprise technologies. She also has a reputation for being able to explain the business impact of technologies in terms conducive to making operational decisions. This skill is a highly needed one in the domain of quantum effects.

In this session we cover topics including:

  • The promise of Quantum Computing, including several use cases
  • The threat of the use of quantum computers to attack asymmetric encryption using techniques like Shor's algorithm.
  • Approaches to securing data that will mitigate these future attacks
  • The importance of protecting data now, even if full quantum computers are a few years away
  • How to leverage quantum effects to generate the most random numbers possible through methods like quantum tunneling
  • Methods for enterprises to manage large numbers of encryption keys

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