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Jul 28, 2023

Joe Tranquillo is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Bucknell University and a provost at the school.

He is also and author and speaker with a knack for helping make new and at times complex subjects understandable. In this OODAcast we discuss many aspects of the revolution in biological sciences with Joe including topics like:

  • New ways of delivering medicines that target specific tissues
  • Discovery of the structure of almost every human protein
  • Methods to synthesize biomolecules, which can result in ways to manufacture a wide range of materials like therapeutics, flavors, fabrics, food, fuels.
  • New ways of growing food that are more productive and take fewer pesticides and fertilizers.

We also discuss the concept of complex systems and lessons from complex systems theory that apply not only to biological sciences and engineering but to many complex human activities and creations. We examine ways leaders can improve their ability to think in terms of complex systems, ways that technologists can use systems thinking to better communicate with non-technical people, and insights for executives on where the revolution in biological sciences is taking us.