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Aug 5, 2022

In 2020, we launched the OODAcast video and podcast series designed to provide insightful analysis and actionable intelligence to decision makers. In this 100th episode, co-hosts Matt Devost and Bob Gourley review some of the key insights from the series. Matt and Bob also discuss a OODA's recent assessment of risks and opportunities given the geopolitical and technological environment, leading to a discussion of recommended actions for C-suite leaders.

We start with a review of an OODAcast episode which had deep personal meaning for the team, and opportunity to hear directly from one of John Boyd’s peers, Chet Richards. Chet was in the room when it happened, there as Boyd coalesced his OODA concept into the model for decision-making known around the world today. Chet was also the guy Boyd turned to to create the first sketch of the OODA loop. In his OODAcast Chet also revealed a little known fact about how Boyd influenced the famous business strategist/author Tom Peters. For many of us the OODA model has always been aligned with ways to thrive on chaos and now we know the roots of Peter’s concepts.

Another icon from the past we had the pleasure of talking with is retired Admiral Bobby Ray Inman. Bob described him as the mentor to his mentors. He articulated leadership lessons in a succinct list that is still being shared around the intelligence community today. In our discussion he provides context on key guidelines in his list, and adds a new one he wishes he would have codified many years ago.

A more recent leader we extract actionable insights from is John Chambers, the legendary former CEO of Cisco. He is on a mission to use technology to build a more equitable and open society and is investing in disruptive startups to help do that. His leadership lessons for large and small firms both are reflected in this session. He also provides predictions for 2022 and beyond that are so far coming completely true.

Another famed CEO and author is Kevin Roberts, the author of 64 shots. The book was extremely helpful to Matt during career transitions and is inspiring to any who are building companies. One of the many points he discussed was the need for an extreme proactivity, what he referred to as hacking into the future. He also provided an inspired description of how leaders should lead by putting their boots on and getting directly engaged with the true nature of their business.

Nate Fick has been a leader in our ecosystem for years. He has always been the kind of extremely competent and capable executive that people from across multiple communities want to follow. Today Nate is in the confirmation process to become the first Cyber Ambassador for the US State Department, where he will have the portfolio of cyber policy and action globally. Watch his OODAcast and you will get a feel for his spirit and approach to the world that includes many elements of leadership first examined by Marcus Aurelius.

Ric Prado has been described as the closest thing the US has to James Bond. Catchy, but we really know Ric and have to tell you, he is far smarter, savvy, fit and ethical than any portrayal of Bond. His OODAcast was the first time he agreed to speak publicly about his journey from a street smart kid to a CIA operator to a leader of HUMINT for the nation. After his OODAcast, Ric landed a book deal and become a best-selling author.  His book Black Ops hit number 7 on the New York Times bestseller list and also hit #1 in several popular Amazon categories.

Following a review of these and other top picks, Bob and Matt transition to an overview of global risks and opportunities you will not want to miss (members seeking additional information including details on what to watch for next in the domains of geopolitical, technological and cyber risks see the OODA C-Suite Report).

OODAcast guests have written over 30 books.  We invite you to check them out in this Amazon List.