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Oct 7, 2021

Our OODAcast with John Robb in June 2020 has proven to be one our most popular ever, so we were excited to host him for a second interview.

John is one of the most disruptive thinkers of our time and is capable of drilling down on critical issues like security, society, and technology with deep authority and insights.

In this OODAcast, we discuss a wide variety of issues:

  • The role that networked tribalism played in the election and the events of January 6, 2021, and what comes next.
  • The role algorithms, AI, and Machine Learning will play in creating and/or disrupting networked tribes.
  • The role emerging technologies will play in building a new data economy in which individuals establish digital self sovereignty and share in the value proposition of their data.
  • Bitcoin in El Salvador and new models for economic disruption, development, and prosperity.
  • How U.S. leaders suffered from OODA Shear in analyzing the dynamic situation in Afghanistan and the allure of framing the problem as Taliban 2.0 when we couldn't orient ourselves to ground truth.
  • The role wargaming and red teaming can play in developing leaders that aren't as susceptible to OODA Shear.
  • What is the Long Night? Is it inevitable, or can we work now to build resiliency against it?

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