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Nov 20, 2020

In this OODAcast, OODA Network Expert Jen Hoar interviews noted cybersecurity and intelligence professional Bob Gourley, CTO of OODA LLC, diving deep into what makes him tick.

Jen asks Bob about his career, including the constants and dynamics in his professional life, starting with a deep background in operational intelligence as a naval intelligence officer. She explores his strengths and weaknesses and how he makes decisions in domains of overwhelming information. Jen asks Bob for advice for others on ways to keep learning.

A key point underscored by Bob was how organizations need to find balance between the use of technology for collection and analysis and humans for collection and analysis when it comes to understanding complex situations. Lessons on writing and how it can help a career are also examined.

Jen pulls stories from Bob he has never publicly revealed, including insights into how operational intelligence drove decisions in many joint and naval operations, and how those related to the business world today.

Bob's anecdotes make it clear, "Great leaders thrive on intelligence and they take action on it."

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