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Jun 26, 2020

Brad Meltzer is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Culper Ring Trilogy (The Inner Circle, The Fifth Assassin, The President's Shadow), The Escape Artist, The Book of Lies and many other thrillers loved by millions for their realism and well researched fact based themes and drama filled plots. He is also widely known for his non-fiction history including The First Conspiracy, a work based on extensive research that reads like a thriller while giving the foundational stories of the nation's espionage and counterintelligence services. His most recent non-fiction book examines a plot to kill Abraham Lincoln while he was on his way to his inauguration. This one too reads like a thriller, exposing us to the realities of an era when the nation was divided by polarizing political factions.

We Interviewed Brad with an eye towards lessons for business leaders and operational decision-makers today. Brad reveals insights from his research into the characters of leaders like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and a wide range of heroes in his "Ordinary People Change The World" series and provides us with recommendations that we can all take onboard. He does so with an enthusiasm that is infectious, ending the discussion with insights that may help us all as we map our way towards a brighter, more prosperous and just future.