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Jun 15, 2020

There is hardly a person more suited to speak with the OODA team on OODA Loops that former Air Force pilot John Robb. John has worked successfully in a variety of domains to include the special operations community, as an industry analyst, successful start-up founder, and national security expert.

John Robb has distinguished himself with a career of critical analysis on a variety of security, technology, and cultural issues throughout his career to include his popular book "Brave New War" and his current Global Guerrillas content community and the GG Report.

In this interview we discuss:

  • John's career trajectory that took him from the Special Forces community to becoming the first Internet analyst at Forrester Research to start-up founder and executive to being a highly sought after red teamer and consultant for the DOD, JCS, CIA, NSA, and a host of other organizations.
  • Useful frameworks for looking at the world to enable executive decision making.
  • Decision-making in the age of Covid-19.
  • Emerging threats and technologies.
  • How Orientation is the most difficult component of the OODA Loop.
  • How science fiction can inform our perspective on the present and near future.

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