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Apr 22, 2022

Greg Touhill is one of the nation’s premier cybersecurity, information technology and risk management leaders. As an Air Force officer he led technology efforts in some of our nation's most demanding organizations including combatant commands during time of war. He is an accomplished speaker and author and business executive and also served as our nation's first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Touhill is currently the director of the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute's CERT Division. In this capacity he leads one of the most highly regarded organizations in the cybersecurity community. The CERT is a diverse group of researchers, software engineers, security analysts and digital intelligence specialists who work together to research vulnerabilities, contribute to long term changes and develop cutting-edge information and training to improve the practice of cybersecurity.

In this OODAcast we examine Greg's approach to leadership and then get into:

  • Operational views of the cyber threat that can help drive collective action in mitigating risks.
  • Ways security leaders can continue to learn and grow
  • The CERT's role in improving security through cybersecurity
  • Lessons learned in communicating security topics with non technical audiences (including a fantastic discussion of lessons from SciFi)