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Apr 29, 2020

In this episode of the OODAcast, Bob discusses the creative process and technology management approaches of Henry Harrison, CTO of Garrison Computing.

Henry is a seasoned technology industry executive and serial entrepreneur who has spent the last ten years focused on cyber security both as an independent consultant and as Technical Director for Cyber Security at UK defense and security company BAE Systems. Henry’s previous ventures include a desktop videoconferencing startup, and he has been responsible for developing and selling advanced electronics solutions into governments, telecommunications companies and financial services organizations amongst other sectors.

Topics discussed include:
  • Henry's very interesting career path
  • The need for new approaches in enterprise design for safe computing
  • The breakthrough of ultra secure browsing
  • What is meant by cross domain browsing
  • The unique use cases of government and industry enterprises
  • Advice for the young technologist today
  • Considerations for the busy CISO

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