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Apr 22, 2020

OODA CTO Bob Gourley was joined by former CTO of the CIA Bob Flores in a discussion on the state of enterprise technology, resulting in this next in our series designed to provide actionable insights to leaders in business and government.

Bob is a member of the OODA Network and was one of the scheduled speakers of our now postponed OODAcon "Future Proof".

Flores has a very interesting background where he has continued to build on his experiences and education in a way that makes him the exemplar for many of us. With his degrees in statistics and years of volunteer work as an emergency responder he has a knack for quickly assessing complex situations. And his years of enterprise technology leadership have equipped him with an almost magical ability to assess technology and its relevance to enterprise missions. On top of that he has served commercial industry with hands-on technology and cybersecurity assessments and even a stint as an acting CISO for one of the world's largest banks.

This interview with Bob brings insights from his background contextualized for the CEO or government leader seeking to inform decisions.

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