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Feb 12, 2021

Vikram Sharma is the founder and CEO of Canberra Australia based QuintessenceLabs. His company provides solutions based on quantum technology to strengthen cryptographic key creation and management at scale. This is an urgent need in this era of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, and key to protecting data now and into the future.

Q-Labs uses the world’s fastest random-number generator to create the strongest possible encryption keys, and integrates them into advanced key management and encryption capabilities, protecting banks, governments, and other enterprises around the globe.

In this OODAcast we ask Vikram for his views on what every CEO, including non-technical CEOs, need to know about the world of quantum effects. He provides explanations in very clear ways that can help inform business strategies. For example, years of theory and research followed by decades of scientific experiments show these four unusual concepts at play at the quantum level:

  • A particle can be a wave and a wave can be a particle.
  • Two particles can behave as if they know what the other is doing, even when separated
  • Measuring a particle changes it
  • At totally random, unpredictable intervals, sometimes small bits of matter come into existence and then go away again

Vikram provided an easy to follow description of many other aspects of this nature of reality at its lowest level, and then led us to a deeper understanding of how quantum computers leverage physics of the real world to change the ways humans can compute.

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