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Jan 21, 2021

Former Congressman Will Hurd joins us on this episode of OODACast to discuss what he has learned about business and entrepreneurship from a diverse career in the intelligence community, elected office and the private sector. Will has successfully leveraged the skills of a CIA operations officer in a variety of contexts, including the founding of cybersecurity firm FusionX with OODA co-founder, Matt Devost. Will most recently served in Congress as the representative for Texas' 23rd district from 2015 to 2021.

In our OODACast discussion, Will provides practical, motivating guidance on how to develop new contacts and leads, cultivate client relationships, make an "ask" confidently and effectively, and close deals. He has leveraged all of these skills in his capacity as an intelligence officer overseas, a fundraiser for political office, a co-founder of FusionX, not to mention his parents' cosmetics business when he was a kid!

Will explains how to prepare to meet new contacts and make client meetings purposeful. He shares that one must be specific and concrete when making an "ask" of a client, partner, donor or any professional interlocutor. He emphasizes that practicing, even role-playing, is the key to shedding the discomfort of pitching and negotiating.

Tune in for this robust conversation if you want to become better at selling, negotiating and closing, and learn how from a leader in intelligence, politics and business.