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Oct 12, 2020

Mark Weatherford is an icon in the cybersecurity field. He is widely known as a mission focused leader who builds teams and gets hard things done. His career included success in the US Navy as a cryptologist, leadership and management in a major defense integrator, CISO for two states (Colorado and California), CISO of the nation's regulatory organization for our power grid (the NERC), head of security efforts for the newly formed DHS, and operational CISO roles and advisory board positions for several US corporations.

Our OODAcast with Mark focused on his insights for the cybersecurity community, including views on how to stay informed in dynamic environments, how to approach the position of CISO, how to optimize your career planning, and how to work with corporate boards as a CISO. He also provides advice for board members and CEOs on interacting with their CISO and security team.


Mark has written on CISO leadership, including two posts for OODA members at:

Other Resources: