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Aug 19, 2020

Courtney Bowman leads Palantir's Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineering Team. In this capacity he works extensively with local, state and international governments and philanthropic partners to develop technology-driven solutions to information sharing needs that respect applicable privacy, security and data integrity requirements. He does so in a way that is informed by experience and well thought out approaches that we consider an exemplar for tech firms, enterprises and government data strategists. In this OODAcast we examine some of his approaches.

Our discussion covered ethics, compliance and security in the modern age including a deep dive into approaches to managing data in a crisis. Through it all, Courtney provides insights that make it clear that privacy and ethics do not need to be placed at risk, even in a major crisis. Key to safeguarding privacy and security of data is having a well thought out data strategy focused on the right objectives, backed up with a secure data architecture.

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