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Jul 30, 2020

Andrew (Andy) Lustig is a partner at the high tech law firm Cooley, where he focuses on private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions and the general corporate representation of high-growth technology companies in both the commercial and government marketplace. His practice includes a wide range of industry sectors including information technology, national security, cybersecurity, data analytics, software and telecommunications. He also represents a number of leading venture capital and private equity firms.

Cooley is widely known for their work with high growth tech and life sciences companies, and Andy brings his deep experience in a wide range of issues to this discussion. He discusses his views on things CEOs can do to prepare for growth, including things to do to prepare for due diligence. He also discusses the a CEO focused networking activity he helps lead called Mission Link (CEOs looking for more insights on this should contact Bob at OODA LLC and we will get you more information).

Andy is well versed in technology and its mission impact. We discussed state of the art tech including capabilities in the domains of cybersecurity, communications, space, IT, quantum computing and IoT.

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