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Jul 16, 2020

Bill Crowell is a senior executive with extensive experience in government (rose to the level of Deputy Director of the National Security Agency) and in industry. He has been a CEO of leading companies like Cylink, taking them through growth to acquisition. He has been a director of multiple public and private companies with a track record of steering firms to profitability and successful exits. He continues to serve on corporate boards while also helping steer successful operations at one of the most famed Venture Capital firms in the nation, Alsop-Louie.

Bill has been a boss, mentor, friend and advisor to both Bob Gourley and Matt Devost through the years, and has long been a valuable member of our OODA Network. In this video we ask Bill for insights of use to firms seeking to evaluate a business prior to acquisition, specifically seeking to do a better technology due diligence assessment.

Bill provides insights on due diligence relevant to startup firms seeking VC investment, growth firms seeking funding to accelerate market penetration, and established firms seeking a private equity backed transaction.

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